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Learn how to balance your armpit bacteria to avoid bad smell (NO DEODORANT NEEDED)

Hot days can be a reason of happiness, but not if you sweat a lot. The bad smell under your arm can be quite uncomfortable. Luckily for you, the market is full of deodorants and antiperspirants, which are meant to remove the bad odor. As a matter of fact, most people use one of these two options. Unfortunately, neither of them is healthy, as both products contain harmful substances which can lead to serious affections.

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In addition, it is not the sweat that produces that strong smell, as you may have thought, but the bacteria that live under your arms, which transform the sweat into substances with a bad smell. In this case, the best solution is to stay away from those products that damage the environment and you will manage to eliminate the bacteria.

We recommend you to follow these tips and tricks that will surely help you get rid of smelly armpit:

Say no to aluminum

Aluminum is an active ingredient that reduces the process of sweating, leading to more serious affections. Many producers hide this reality by writing on the product “aluminum free”, but the ingredients on the label reveal something different. In order words, always read the label with attention before buying such products.

Use antibacterial with care

There are very powerful antibacterials that contain high doses of triclosan and parabens, components that favor the deposit of bad bacteria and harming the armpit.

Wash your armpit with mild soap

Mild soaps are meant to remove the sebum under your arm and prevent bad bacteria from producing harm.

Don’t use crystal deodorants

Even though the label of the product doesn’t indicate the presence of aluminum, there may be other harmful substances present. For instance “alum” is a component rich in sulfate and potassium, which, similar to aluminum, can harm your armpit.

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