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How to get rid of puffy baggy eye at home

As we age , the skin below eyes start to sag, creating under-eye circles or bags. As we are getting old , our muscle are not able to hold the fat back and this leaves the face with gravity and creases. Another factor that causes under-eye bags besides aging , is lack of sleep.


There have been established temporary and permanent solutions for a quick recovery ,long-term recovery techniques and cosmetic solutions.

Useful tips:

  • Surgery is a solution for reshaping your face and removing the under-eye bags and circles.
  • Cosmetics – Fillers like the hyaluronic filler can help you to improve facial appearance , but first you need a doctor to examine you before using them .
  • Recheck your diet – Persisten use of such foods may cause permanently stretched bags under eyes. Reduce the amount of salt you use every day and avoid drinking alcohol.
  1. Alter your slumbering position

Side sleepers can observe that one eyes has a bigger bag than other does. Sleeping on your back Is the best and not either sleeping on your side or tummy. So, try to avoid sleeping positions that can divert fluids into your eyes.

2. Smoother your eyes with cold material

You can use cucumber, tea bags or a spoon. Put the materials in the fridge and use them to soothe around the inflamed area.

  1. Drink water

Avoid salty foods and drink plenty of water. This will help you to offset the salt levels and the water retention.

4. Disguising Yourself

You can use makeup to conceal circles and under-eye bags . Select a concealer that matches the tone of your skin and apply it using a cotton ball .

5. Use tea bags

Use two tea bags , deep them in hot water, let them cool and then soothe around your eyes.

  1. Treat your allergies

You can have problems with bags under eyes because some allergies  that you may suffer.  Treat your allergies using recommended medication .

Another way to keep yourself away from under-eye bags , is to cure your face ! In order to remove bags under your eyes, treat your face gently  by wash away all the makeup before sleeping, moisturize your face every night and ensure that you use sunscreen everyday.

How to get rid of puffy baggy eye at home


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