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Cucumber diet – How to Lose 12 Pounds in Just 1 Week

Cucumber is one of the vegetables that through its high content of water and nutrients helps you detox your body with success. If you manage to include it in your daily routine, this product, rich in magnesium, calcium, fiber, vitamin B, C and E can improve your digestion by cleaning the digestive and intestinal tract and stimulating your metabolism. It can also be very helpful if you are on a diet, but you love to add quite a lot of salt in your food.

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You can use this vegetable for many things, but people consume it mostly to lose weight.  Here is an easy and fast diet that will help you lose 7 kilos in only 7 days:

Breakfast – two boiled eggs and a bowl of cucumber salad;

Snack – five plums and one peach/apple;

Lunch – toast and cucumber salad;

Snack – cucumber shake;

Dinner – 300 grams of fruit at your choice.

Recipe for cucumber salad:

Peel 400 gr of cucumber and slice it. Add a pinch of salt, one sliced onion and 200 ml of milk or yogurt, then mix well.

Recipe for cucumber shake:

In a blender add 1 apple, 1 cucumber and 1 handful of spinach, then mix them well until all the ingredients turn into a homogeneous composition. Once ready, you should consume it right away, in order to benefit from all its properties.

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